The Moon Is Down, Day One

This is going to be a quick post.  There has been a lot going on at work and home, but I wanted to post something to keep this idea going.

Here’s an outline of what I would do on day one of teaching the novel.



I would only be able to do this exercise if I was sure that their history / social studies teacher had already reviewed the material pertaining to life in the German-occupied territories during World War II.  Assuming I verified that, then, I would start the session with the bell ringer and then do a debrief.  I would ask for any volunteers that wanted to share their writing with the rest of the class and write notes on an easel pad.  I would do this for each class I had that day, then post the easel paper on the wall or a bulletin board, so that everyone could see what the classes came up with.

Analysis and Assumptions

Then, I would show them the novel’s cover.  I’d ask them to consider what the cover tells them about the story.  I would ask them to write their observations as a group on one sheet of paper and collect those sheets.  From the results, I would like to create a Wordle I could share with them.  Why?  Why not?

Final Question of the Class: What Draws Us to Certain Books?

I’d ask the question, “What draws us to certain books?” and after the students answer, I would give my responses, particularly about why I chose this book to read.  By that time, I think class would be over.


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