The Remnants of Hurricane Ida and Reopening School

This is an appeal to anyone who reads this article to consider donating to or volunteering to help people affected by Hurricane Ida, in addition to a reflection on how the hurricane will affect my learning community.


PBS News Hour’s Guidance on Giving

In the article below, you can find legitimate organizations to donate to and legitimate organizations seeking volunteers to help with the relief efforts.

I am also saying the “Mi Shebeirach” prayer for all those affected. One part of the prayer is “Bless those in need of healing, with r’fuah sh’leimah — the renewal of body, the renewal of spirit, and let us say, Amen.” It is a beautiful prayer in its entirety, and those lines speak to the needs of those affected perfectly.

If you would like to listen to the prayer, here is a YouTube video.

Tomorrow, We Welcome Students Back to School

Teachers returned to school on Monday. Our Superintendent spoke about the torrential rain to come on Wednesday and Thursday. We could get three to six inches of rain between now and then.

Pocono Mountains residents are used to inclement weather in the form of snow and ice. I am not sure how prepared we are for torrential rain. I’m not sure how prepared the land is for it either.

The Superintendent wondered aloud how it will affect the first day for students. He then requested a moment of silence for those affected by climate crises, the situation in Haiti, and the situation in Afghanistan. I said the “Mi Shebeirach” in my head.

At this time, I cannot imagine what will happen. What I know is that flash flood watches are in effect for the region. Yes, we have had those before, but with the amount of rain predicted, it might be worse than in the past.

I am frightened. I’ll admit it. We have experienced several severe weather events in this region over the summer, causing me to wonder how our preparedness activities will change. Between the weather and COVID, I am ready to find remote work. I’m just being honest.

As I type this, I keep thinking about those on the west coast of the U.S., suffering from drought and wild fires. I wish there were a way to gather the rain water and send it to them to help them. We have pipelines for oil, so why not water? Perhaps I will save that reflection for another post.

Update on 9/1

Our Superintendent decided to push the first day of school to 9/7 due to the weather. I am grateful. Everyone is safer that way. We have experienced flooding, which closed roads in Allentown, which is about 20 miles from us, but the Lehigh River crested at 13.5 feet (the flood stage is 10 feet), so we have experienced flooding where we are.

Best Wishes to Everyone

I want to take a moment to wish everyone well. There are so many transitions happening now, in learning communities and in communities in general. May you all be safe. If you need a “Mi Sheiberach,” let me know.

Have a great day. Thank you for reading this post.

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