Live Blog: My First Week Teaching Virtually in K-12

Since I need to get back to writing regularly, I have to start somewhere. Perhaps keeping a live blog of my reflections on virtual teaching in K-12 during the COVID-19 pandemic will help foster that habit.

Today, we teachers are getting ready for the students to return to school. Personally, I am overwhelmed. Scenarios keep running through my head like those nightmares you have during which you make a complete fool of yourself and cannot stop it. What if I am off-base with an assignment? What if the assignment is too hard? What if the technology fails?

In my previous career, redundancy was so important. It’s instinctive now. So, I put lesson plans in one place and the same content in the LMS. Guess what happened? The lesson planner “ate” my lesson plans! Well, that was unexpected.

Earlier today I was on a conference call using a currently-very-popular app. Guess what? It messed up my computer. I’ve uninstalled it. I’ll join through the browser now, thank you, the browser I rarely use. For heavens sake.

Today’s been very stressful. I hope that my lesson plan problem can be fixed. I had everything set up and ready. Please, higher power, do not let this be a disaster. I know that the first time I do anything, it usually is, but I can’t deal with it right now.

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