HyperDocs and UbD

In the AP® Literature and Composition groups on Facebook, there has been a lot of talk about HyperDocs as we all transition to virtual learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. During my investigation of the teaching strategy, I realized that I have been using many of the principles already since I rarely rely on textbooks and prefer to find up-to-date information on the Internet. However, I’m sure there are many ways I could improve upon what I have been doing on my own. To help me, I’m reading The HyperDoc Handbook: Digital Lesson Design Using Google Apps.

UbD, or Understanding by Design, is a pedagogy (or philosophy) that has been part of my curriculum building for years, since at least 2010. How can I incorporate that pedagogy with this? It’s simple: UbD is all about the result – which is the understanding of content and its relevance. As I develop curriculum, the question in the back of my mind is the favorite of students: “Why do I have to learn this?” UbD helps teachers to answer that question effectively.

After a Short Break

I started this post a couple of days ago and then took time to start planning and using hyper docs starting next week. I have to say that it’s pretty easy, and I am already starting to see it’s value. Perhaps I will write another post after I’ve been using them a while.

Stay safe.

I just felt like trying the new editor blocks.

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