Stop Penalizing Boys for Not Being Able to Sit Still at School

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Instead, help them channel their energy into productive tasks.

Heather MacCorkle Edick‘s insight:

This article provided many insights about the nature of being a boy during those formative years.  Teachers might want to read the books cited in the article – especially Reaching Boys, Teaching Boys, which provides sample lessons for teachers to try.  The education of the boys in our life is very important, obviously; here are some ways to make it meaningful and productive. 


This was a good list from the article: 


The most effective lessons included more than one of these elements:

Lessons that result in an end product–a booklet, a catapult, a poem, or a comic strip, for example.Lessons that are structured as competitive games.Lessons requiring motor activity.Lessons requiring boys to assume responsibility for the learning of others.Lessons that require boys to address open questions or unsolved problems.Lessons that require a combination of competition and teamwork.Lessons that focus on independent, personal discovery and realization.Lessons that introduce drama in the form of novelty or surprise.



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