Someone Understands the Problem with Math

Winston Churchill had this to say about math.

“Letters, after all, had only got to be known and when they stood together in a certain way one recognized their formation and that it meant a certain sound. But the figures were tied into all sorts of tangles and did things to one another which it was extremely difficult to forecast with complete accuracy.  Who could say what they did each time they were tied up together? It was not any use being nearly right; in some cases these figures got into debt with one another.  You had to borrow one or carry one and afterwards you had to pay back the one you borrowed!”

Amen, Winston.  Amen.

Quote from The Last Lion, Volume I: Winston Spencer Churchill: Visions of Glory, 1874-1932 by William Manchester

Prime Minister Winston Churchill gives the &qu...
Prime Minister Winston Churchill gives the “Victory” sign to crowds in London on Victory in Europe Day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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